F@$% Running

I had the absolute worst run on Monday. EVERYTHING went wrong and it sure was a lesson against procrastinating. I ran out of time (and motivation) to do my 8-miler this weekend so I thought heck, it’s only eight miles – surely I can do it after work. Wrong. From the beginning, my calf cramped for two miles while my running pack kept falling off for four. I didn’t have any Advil left, my water was leaking all over my hip, I didn’t think I’d need an energy gel but alas when I wanted one, there wasn’t one. My knee cramped. My hip cramped. I got a new phone over the weekend that wouldn’t connect to my headphones for a good ten minutes and even worse, I have none of my music on there yet. Last but not least, I could only find it in me to walk/run seven miles.

I’m NINE days away from my marathon. NINE, PEOPLE. I know everyone has their moments, but really? This close to the race?

I’ve been trying to put it behind me since it happened, but I can’t seem to shake it as it terrifies me that all those things will happen come race day.

4 thoughts on “F@$% Running

  1. Sara, you are a badass. Even if the worst case scenario happens on your race day, that won’t change. Because what matters is that you’re out there training for this race and not giving up even when you want to. That is what makes you strong.

    PS- 7 miles is a lot. Just sayin’ šŸ˜œ


  2. You got this!!! They can’t all be good (runs) – hopefully nothing is injured – at least cramps, though they suck, will go away. And I agree – you are so strong for the journey leading up to the marathon! Though you WILL do great, if something goes wrong – you’ve already accomplished something major!!! Best of luck on your marathon!

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