Woah, we’re halfway there.

Three months from tomorrow, I’m running a full marathon. Holy shit.


Just kidding. Kind of. But It’s crazy to believe that I made this decision three months ago and I’m already at the half way point. I pee my pants a little every time I think about it. Okay, maybe not… maybe I just throw up in my mouth.

Training resumed this last weekend with an 8-miler that I was eager to get out and do, but unfortunately had to succumb to an Eminem-length treadmill run thanks to some fresh snowfall. Blah. But alas, I toughed it out (and truth be told, it was a rough run… mostly because my last distance run was two weeks ago). I did, however, discover greatness in the form of the “F@!$ Running” playlist on Spotify which consisted of punk rock classics and pop punk songs I haven’t heard since my times as an obese, frizzy-haired high schooler. Remember that post about “Fueling” your run? Well, there was definitely three scoops of pre-workout in that playlist.

Coming up this week, I’ll get in my last seven total body classes with the Evoke 30 Day Challenge followed by girls weekend consisting of a 12-miler, yoga and a glorious cocktail-filled time at the Peppermill Spa complete with massage. As my body is starting to feel a little burnt out, it anticipates Saturday like a kid on Christmas but knows it can’t come without the Elves of endorphins.

What are you challenging yourself to this week? And what’s the reward?

No rest for the gluttonous

Forgive me Gym Gods, for I have sinned… it’s been three days since my last real workout.

No big deal, right? Pair that with four days of cookies and casseroles and DSC_0670you’ve got yourself a real problem at that next workout. Thanks, Thanksgiving.

Today was like day one all over again – only in more ways than one. I started working with a personal trainer at Evoke Fitness. I’ve done their infamous 30 Day Body Challenge a few times now, and always like what I see at the end. In fact, Evoke is the place where I’ve felt my strongest and weakest. I’ve jumped higher, lifted heavier and ran faster under the 30 Day Challenge. But I’ve also beaten myself up over the weight I didn’t lose during my second challenge and landed myself in the ER after a catastrophic game of Burpee Tag… no really. Try explaining that one to the doctor as he’s X-raying your ankle. I digress – today was day one all over again.

Strength training is the one thing I’ve never put much focus on, despite knowing that it would help me run faster, prevent injury, lose more weight, tone up and just be an all around stronger athlete. So when I signed up for the Marathon, I made a deal with myself that I would focus on more than just cardio. Strength training is important for runners for many reasons. The biggest thing for me is that I’m building muscle on the parts of my body that help me run further and faster, but with less impact. Pavement can be so hard on your body – it’s nice to slow things down a bit. Plus, running works your muscles the same way every time to the point where it’s clockwork and you’re no longer building, just maintaining. The other plus of strength training? It boosts your metabolism and wakes up those hormones that burn fat.

Additional reading: Ten Reasons Why Runners Should Include Weight Training

My body felt weak today from the Thanksgiving destruction. I couldn’t believe how badly I was shaking. I certainly am going to feel it all tomorrow. But the important thing is that it’s done.

Personal Training Session #1:

  • Half-mile treadmill run, moderate pace
  • Round 1 (Repeat 3 times)
    • 90lb leg presses, 15 reps
    • 40lb leg lifts, 20 reps
    • 20 weighted, alternating lunges into bicep curls
    • 15 tricep dips
  • Round 2 (Repeat 3 times)
    • 75lb sled push 10 yards
    • 15lb shoulder presses, 10 reps
    • 15lb shoulder flies, 10 reps
    • Full sit-ups, 10 reps
    • 10lb skull crushers, 10 reps
  • Round 3 (Repeat 3 times)
    • 60lb lateral press, 15 reps
    • 10lb elevated front raises, 12 reps
    • Elevated leg lifts, 15 reps
  • Round 4 (Repeat 2 times)
    • 15lb, single leg rows, 15 reps each side
    • Balanced V-ups on bench, 15 reps