Woah, we’re halfway there.

Three months from tomorrow, I’m running a full marathon. Holy shit.


Just kidding. Kind of. But It’s crazy to believe that I made this decision three months ago and I’m already at the half way point. I pee my pants a little every time I think about it. Okay, maybe not… maybe I just throw up in my mouth.

Training resumed this last weekend with an 8-miler that I was eager to get out and do, but unfortunately had to succumb to an Eminem-length treadmill run thanks to some fresh snowfall. Blah. But alas, I toughed it out (and truth be told, it was a rough run… mostly because my last distance run was two weeks ago). I did, however, discover greatness in the form of the “F@!$ Running” playlist on Spotify which consisted of punk rock classics and pop punk songs I haven’t heard since my times as an obese, frizzy-haired high schooler. Remember that post about “Fueling” your run? Well, there was definitely three scoops of pre-workout in that playlist.

Coming up this week, I’ll get in my last seven total body classes with the Evoke 30 Day Challenge followed by girls weekend consisting of a 12-miler, yoga and a glorious cocktail-filled time at the Peppermill Spa complete with massage. As my body is starting to feel a little burnt out, it anticipates Saturday like a kid on Christmas but knows it can’t come without the Elves of endorphins.

What are you challenging yourself to this week? And what’s the reward?

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